101 in 1001


101 things in 1001 days.


Why I hear you ask? Well this was something I came across a few years ago and I just completely loved it straight away – I’m a sucker for lists you see.

So what’s it all about? For those of you who know nothing about this, click here it’s called the day zero project. Basically, you compile a list of 101 different things – those things could be anything and everything your heart desires and the goal is to complete them within the 1001 days.

And just so you know 1001 days breaks down to 2 years, 8 months, 3 weeks, 6 days, 11 hours, 33 minutes and 20 seconds (to be precise).


I do absolutely love the idea and have restarted it many times over because I keep wanting to change things or I keep wanting to create completely new lists altogether.

I started a brand new list and now I have many new goals I hope to achieve within the next 1001 days.. So, lets get going!


To be completed between:

June 1st 2017 and February 26th 2020.
So, what does my list look like?

I’m still adding and deciding on things because I don’t want to pick 101 stupid things, so I’m taking my  time to pick and choose the 101 that I truly want to complete. So far we have:


  1. Relearn French.
  2. Visit 5 new cities – 1/5.
  3. Stop drinking fizzy juice for at least one month.
  4. Start a new journal and write in it every day.
  5. Visit 10 new restaurants that I haven’t been to before – 4/10.
  6. Have a better work/life balance.
  7. Take my best friend away on holiday for her birthday.
  8. Go to 100 gigs/shows – 11/100.
  9. Make my lunch/dinner every day for work for at least one month.
  10. Go to the making of Harry Potter in London.
  11. See 20 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 1/20.
  12. Walk to/from work every day for a month.
  13. Visit Denmark.
  14. Read 50 books I haven’t read before 0/50.
  15. Spend NYE in another country.
  16. Visit Belgium.
  17. Visit 5 different Christmas markets.
  18. Try 10 new foods I haven’t tried before 6/10.
  19. Plan/Book a RTW trip.
  20. Go back to New Orleans.
  21. Go back to Nashville.
  22. Learn some basic Japanese.
  23. Learn how to edit my gopro videos.
  24. Visit London more.
  25. Spend a weekend away at a cabin with my friends.
  26. Sing karaoke in Cats Meow in New Orleans, again.
  27. Visit Sweden.
  28. Blog at least once a week for a year.
  29. Complete a 365 day photo challenge.
  30. Buy a car.
  31. Put at least £100 in savings every time I get paid.
  32. Make a memory jar full of hand written notes of my favourite moments.
  33. Get rid of my credit card debt.
  34. See the Northern lights.
  35. Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands.
  36. Donate blood.
  37. Lose 101lbs.
  38. Buy a new memory box.
  39. Get 3 new tattoos 1/3.
  40. Create an inspiration book.
  41. Get a map and put pins in everywhere I’ve been.
  42. Become more financially stable.
  43. Reach 200 followers on my blog.
  44. See Les Miserables on stage again.
  45. Visit Iceland.
  46. Donate money to charity every time I get paid.
  47. Clear out my emails.
  48. Sign up to the new contract in work.
  49. Visit the top of Scotland.
  50. Have at least £1000 in savings.
  51. Watch 26 films I haven’t seen before beginning with each letter of the alphabet 20/26.
  52. Take an online course.
  53. Get my pictures printed as polaroids more often.
  54. Buy and use a bullet journal.
  55. Go on holiday/weekend away with my auntie and gran.
  56. Make a list of 1001 things that make me happy.
  57. Write 750 words a day for 101 days.
  58. Successfully escape from an escape room.
  59. Go vegetarian for one week.
  60. Stop eating chocolate for one month.
  61. Start doing yoga.
  62. Leave 100% tip at a restaurant.
  63. Visit Morocco.
  64. Eat beignets at Café Du Monde, New Orleans.
  65. Put the lottery on once a month.
  66. Start drawing again.
  67. Bathe in the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa.
  68. Buy myself a laptop.
  69. Celebrate my 26th in another country.
  70. Visit Norway.
  71. Watch Game of Thrones to see what all the hype is about.
  72. Go on another road trip with friends.
  73. Be on time/early to work every day for a month.
  74. Visit Croatia.
  75. Go to sleep before midnight every night for one week.
  76. Save at least 3% for a down payment on a flat.
  77. Watch all the series’ I’ve started on Netflix.
  78. Use my gopro more often.
  79. Take my gran for afternoon tea.
  80. Start a savings account for my sister and my cousin.
  81. Take steps to overcome my fear of spider.
  82. Create a youtube for my travelling videos.
  83. Start swimming weekly again.
  84. Travel solo somewhere.
  85. Get a new job.
  86. Drink the recommended amount of water each day for at least one week.
  87. Take a selfie every day for one year.
  88. Start going back to the gym regularly (at least once a week).
  89. See Liam Gallagher live.
  90. Clear out my iTunes by getting rid of all those songs I always skip.
  91. Get my teeth whitened.
  92. Phone my gran at least once a week.
  93. Complete the A-Z city challenge (visit a town or city that starts with every letter of the alphabet) 2/26.
  94. Shoot a gun.
  95. Buy myself a new camera.
  96. Get 1,000 followers on my travel instagram.
  97. Learn about astronomy.
  98. Work at a festival again.
  99. Learn to like coffee.
  100. Write a letter to myself to be opened in 10 years time.
  101. Write a new 101 in 1001 to start when this one is finished.




In progress.



Last updated: March 2nd 2018.


If you have your own or if this has inspired you to create one leave a comment below and tell me what’s on your list!