2016 travelling. 

2015 is over, 2016 has begun and my countdown to my travels really begins.

150 days: the countdown has begun!

If I’m honest, we’ve been on a countdown since the minute our flights were booked as that’s when our plans finally came to life and it was actually happening. But now, now our trip is merely months away. 150 days. Can you believe it? After years of planning, it’s coming around so quickly.

And that’s only the start of my travelling plans!

Kraków and hopefully Thailand are on the list too, with who knows hopefully where else I may find myself journeying to.

I feel like this is going to be my year. This is going to be the year I start to experience what I want in life and start to make things happen for me. This time next year I want to have quit my job, I want to be travelling more, I want to be living my life to its fullest. I’m sick of working 40+ hours a week to not be seeing anything from it. I want to do something with my life and I know this year is when I figure everything out. “New year, new me” as they say… 

Anyway, happy new year lads! I hope 2016 is a good one for you all, and hey.. Feel free to leave me a comment. It’s always great to make new friends and speak to you all! 
Yasmin x

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