First trip being 23

If you read my previous post you’ll know that yesterday was my birthday and I turned 23. Well today I’m off on my first trip being 23 and also of this year (out of Scotland at least).

Currently sat on a megabus heading towards Paris from London, having already travelled from Glasgow to London earlier on today. I’m really excited as I haven’t been to Paris since 2009 and even then that was a trip with my school so I didn’t get to fully experience it.


I’m only heading there for the day but I can’t wait to jam pack it with lots of sightseeing, wandering, eating and whatever else there is to discover.

A few of you gave me some great ideas on what to get up to in Paris on a previous post of mine and I’m thankful for the advice on where in Paris I should visit.

If you have any other advice of places I must go/see, little places to eat/drink etc then let me know!


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