Impractical road trip

It’s only April and I’m already super excited for January 2017.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post two of my loves are travel and music. And this may not be travel related but like pretty much every single human being on this planet I love comedy and so travelling for comedy is just like travelling for music.


Myself and two of my work colleagues are planning a little road trip down to London. And not just for the sake of it, oh no. We’re heading down as we’re going to see The Tenderloins (stars of impractical jokers). Honestly if you don’t know who these guys are or haven’t seen the IJ show, then do it. Right now, leave this post and go watch it because it is brilliant. These 4 guys are hilarious.
Next year I will be seeing them in Glasgow and also travelling down to London twice to see them. I just can’t say no to seeing these guys though.

I am probably more obsessed than I should be, but they’re absolutely hilarious.

Please check them out and if you like them head along to ticketmaster search the impractical jokers and you too could see them on January 7th 2017 at the O2 in London. Their fan club presale is on sale from now, check out their Facebook page for the link password is SANTIAGO. Or head to ticketmaster on Saturday for the general sale tickets.

I promise you, you will not regret looking these guys up. So do it.
Maybe you’re already a fan? Leave me a comment. Seeing them next year? Seen them before? Let me know.


3 thoughts on “Impractical road trip

  1. Sparkyjen April 29, 2016 / 23:24

    I took your advice and went a-hunting for the Impractical Jokers. As it turns out, they will be in Cincinnati, Ohio USA in June. They must be good because to see them you have to cough up the big bucks.

    However, Amazon Prime has 8 Seasons of them at $1.99 a show. That’s probably where they will debut for me. I now have them Front and Center on my Watchlist.

    • yasmintravels April 29, 2016 / 23:24

      Yes, their new tour Santiago Sent Us starts in June. I definitely think they’re good and you will not regret giving them a watch.

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