Counting down: Wait a minute..

Well look at that!!


My counting down is officially over. I’m currently wired to the moon (with excitement) as in just a few hours time I’m heading to the airport to catch my first flight of this trip.

Glasgow to Amsterdam is first on the agenda. Kind of gutted we don’t have a long stopover in Amsterdam as it would have been good to see it again.

I have a feeling my case is a ridiculous weight but at the same time, yolo. Do I care that much? Nope.
I haven’t slept yet and I feel like there’s no point in me even trying to get a little sleep as in 2 hours time I need to get up. Sometimes as well it makes you feel 10x worse, at least it does with me!

It’s so weird knowing it’s actually here! I said my goodbyes in work, can’t tell you all how good it feel knowing I don’t have to go back to that place for a good few weeks!



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