American road trip: bad luck comes in threes, not for us.

Now we didn’t quite expect every single detail of this month long trip to go to plan but considering we’re on day 3 and everything that could go wrong has, well luck just isn’t on our side.

So it started off in Glasgow airport, we hadn’t even left and things were going wrong. I feel like I need to list this all to show the extent of how unlucky we’ve been so far (and bear in mind, we’re 3 days in).

1. Firstly we get delayed by 2 hours because of the weather in Amsterdam. Obviously we’re like this is shite but whatever. It’s a delayed flight we’re not going to cry over it.

2. We ALMOST and when I say almost, I mean the minute we got off our flight in Amsterdam we had to run through Schipol airport to get to where our flight to Boston was. We got on the plane and 2 minutes later, and I mean 2 minutes they shut the gate!

3. Now if you know anything about the process of planes and airports you’ll know what’s coming next. Yep. You guessed it! We arrived in Boston, but our luggage didn’t. Obviously once again another bummer but we can deal with it.. Until, we enquire about it and only 3 of the 4 cases were found and going to be on their way to join us.

4. So you’re thinking, what else can possibly go wrong for these 4 girls? Plenty. We pick our car up, all is going well. Shona drove it to the motel, we picked up clare and then I drove us to Salem. All was going well and then BANG! (And I do mean that literally) someone fucking crashed into me. So not only am I driving in another country, on the opposite side of the road, in the opposite side of the car and then someone crashes into me. Not to mention, the same accident had happened 2 minutes previous so the police witnessed it and it was all the guys fault as he was doing an illegal manoeuvre. We had to drive back to the rental company, luckily they were great and gave us another car.


Car number 1 (bye bye).


Car number 2 (hello beautiful).

5. Surely by now you’re thinking, we’re on number 5? They’ve only been there 3 fucking days, what more could go wrong? Oh little do you know. So we’re in the car driving to NYC (no crashes this time), we stopped off to grab some food and water etc only to check our emails and see an email from the motel saying they tried to take the payment which was cancelled as it was an old card and to contact them by 1pm; it was currently almost 9pm. Our phones can’t phone american numbers either so we had to go into burger king and asked to use their phone which they kindly let us, phone the motel and they inform us the booking is still there. Everything is all good!

6. Is it fuck! We get to the motel, thinking great get in, pay, get to sleep as it’s almost 12. Nope. The guy tells us the booking was cancelled and he only has a room for 1 night; we’re meant to be staying 4! So we’re currently in the motel patiently waiting to find out if there’s any cancellations etc for us to stay our next 3 nights here.



Every time we seem to say “surely things can’t get any worse” they do. So you know, whatever. I’m over it all now. I just want a little bit of plain sailing for the next 4 weeks, please.

Has any of your trips ever went this terribly wrong? Leave me a comment below and tell me. Make me feel slightly better about our situation.


5 thoughts on “American road trip: bad luck comes in threes, not for us.

  1. Neidotta June 2, 2016 / 23:24

    I hope the rest of your trip is going to go more like you have planned! I’m familiar to every kind of travel troubles because I just somehow always get to trouble…

    For example there was this one time in Japan when I decided to go to Osaka (from Kyoto) to see concert. It just didn’t go as I planned…

    1. I went to buy the tickets but had to go five different stores before I found someone who was able to sell me one because anyone didn’t speak that well English or they just didn’t have anymore tickets.
    2. I missed the first train I was going to use because I went to wrong platform
    3. I got lost in Osaka. And I don’t mean like little lost but totally lost. I had to ask someone how to get back the train station and start trying to find the concert place all again.
    4. I tried to find the concert place for 2 hours but happily I knew I would get in trouble and had went early. In the end I visited same cafe for two times to use their free wifi.
    5. After finding the concert place there was maybe ten people beside of me. As white girl everyone was looking me and as shy girl it was terrible experience.
    6. It ended up being one of the best nights in my life. This nice lady started to talk me and I get to meet the band I have been fan for long time. I though I was going to see just one band but five different bands played there and I found new amazing music to listen.
    7. Then I left back to Kyoto and almost missed the last train and was back so late that I had to walk alone the dark roads to the hostel I was staying.

    I hope my story made you feel a little better? And my point in this story was that even if everything seems to go badly just keep going and the nice things will come! 🙂

    • yasmintravels June 4, 2016 / 23:24

      Oh God it sounds like you had a bit of a nightmare but at least the outcome in the end was a good one for you!

      We’re all able to laugh about the situations now and things are starting to look up (fingers crossed)!

      Thank you for sharing your story!

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