Bucketlist – Win money in a Las Vegas casino.

Whether you’re an avid gambler or not, I personally feel you cannot go to Las Vegas and not gamble away money in a casino. You just can’t. It’s all part of the experience of Vegas.

We had driven in from the Grand Canyon and so we weren’t out incredibly late our first night in Vegas but as we headed back to our hotel I realised we hadn’t lost any money gambling, nor had I won anything. I said to my friends I wasn’t going to bed without gambling my first day in Vegas so that’s what I did. I went to an empty slot machine and gambled away a few dollars. Obviously winning nothing at all.
That was only day one though and honestly, I can see how people become addicted to certain things. I do think I have an addictive personality to some extent and gambling would very much be on that. Come world cup time and a few other times throughout the year I find myself redownloading the betting apps I previously deleted (deleted because I was wasting too much money)!

At the beginning of our last night, myself and one of my friends decided that at the end of the night we would go to a roulette table and put whatever we had left in our purse on black.

The night was a bit of a fail though and we had a lot more money in our pockets than we were willing to bet. We agreed on $100 and headed to the table.

3 of us decided to have a go on the roulette table. It was about 3am, we had never done it before and there was these 2 guys at the table playing. 2 of us got $100 in chips and one $50. The woman gave us the $100 in $1 chips as well thinking we would be making small bets. But no, my friend placed $100 on black where another guy already had chips. I then placed $40 because there was no more room, and the guy took his chips off.
I swear it was the longest waiting time ever. My friend was bricking it as she had $100 on it.
And guess what? It landed on black.
My other friend decided to have a go and put $25 on, and I put another $20 (too scared to put any more than that) but we put it on black again.
And guess what? It landed on black again.

Well that was us. We played at a roulette table, and won! That’s another thing to tick off my bucketlist.

I do suggest if you’ve never been at a table before, find out the rules and just the general how to of being at one. I wish we had.

Have you won anything in Vegas, maybe you’ve won big? Or maybe you’ve lost? I certainly lost more than I care to think about.

Leave me a comment below and tell me about it!

Yasmin x

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