A Scottish Bucket List

Everyone loves a bucket list right? Well, at least I know I do. And so I thought, why not share with you what I believe to be the MUST do’s if you ever find yourself in Scotland. Obviously there’s so much more to see and do here, these are just a few of my favourites!

  1. Attend a music festival:
    Crowd shot of TITP 2011

    So, a music festival. I guess you must all be wondering why this is a must when in Scotland? Scottish crowds are like no other. You may think your country knows how do festivals right, but trust me when I say you know nothing until you’ve experienced one in Scotland. My go-to would obviously always be TITP (T in the Park) but that’s taken a little break this year and we’re having a brand new festival in Glasgow called TRNSMT – I’ll update you all after I’ve been to the first year of it this year but I know just like TITP this will be a must.

  2. Try a deep fried mars bar: This concoction seems mad to many people and honestly if it wasn’t us Scots that started it we’d probably think the same! At roughly 600 calories a go it’s definitely not for those trying to watch their weight but definitely worth that moment on the lips – even if it leaves you with a lifetime on the hips. The hot, chocolatey, sweet, greasy bar of joy probably isn’t to everyone’s tastes but definitely worth a try.
  3. Search for the Loch Ness Monster: Ah Nessie! Who doesn’t want to search the waters of Loch Ness in and attempt to catch a glimpse of Scotlands favourite legend? No matter what age, young or old this is definitely something that will bring joy to everyone that goes looking for her. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch a glimp of ol’ Nessie!
  4. Try haggis: Once again, like the deep fried mars bar this will not be to everyone’s taste. In fact, once you find out what haggis is made of it will probably put you off trying it. Let’s be honest it probably doesn’t look the most appetising either, but believe me when I say it tastes absolutely delicious! Nothing beats a plate filled with haggis, neeps and tatties.
  5. See a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

    Without a doubt the best comedy festival in the world. August in Edinburgh means the fringe, and it is definitely worth the visit. The streets are filled with people, almost everywhere is a venue for a comedian or show or something other. There’s so much to see and do, August in Scotland is probably my favourite month because of this. You’ll see some world class acts, along with a few hidden gems along the way.

  6. Try irn-bru: Another one of Scotland delicasy’s, except this one you drink. Don’t let the bright orange liquid fool you, it is one of the best drinks around. And after a night out drinking on the town, nothing cures your hangover better than a glass bottle of bru.
  7. Visit Edinburgh Castle: No bucket list is complete without a castle being on it somewhere. The best time to be there is before 1pm, no visit to the castle is complete without seeing the canons being fired. With the castle set upon a hill it can be seen from all around the city, likewise if you make your way up to the castle you can see everything all around. It truly is a remarkable sight to see.
  8. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum: Snapchat-6333781180451271714I have to admit this is one of my favourites. Set in Glasgow I love being able to take a day out to spend at the galleries, from the architecture of the building to the art inside and all the museum artifacts as well. Everyone loves the hanging heads with their different facial features, and when the building is lit up at night, it’s super pretty.
  9. Visit the Fairy pools on the Isle of Skye: A natural waterfall phenomenon they say because of the blue and green colours of the water. I know this is on my bucket list and it should definitely be on yours too! No matter the time of year you’re guaranteed freezing cold water, so take a swim if you’re brave enough..
  10. Climb a Munro: there certainly are many to chose from in Scotland and what better way to see how beautiful Scotland is than to climb one of the many munros? You won’t be short for choices there’s 282. Why not join the competition and see if you can do some Munro Bagging and conquer them all?



There’s definitely so much more to do in Scotland but this is just a few of my personal favourites and ones I believe you have to have on your bucket list!

Now that I’ve shown you my favourites of Scotland, how about you tell you favourites from your country? Leave me a comment below telling me what I should add to my bucket list from your country.



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