Road trip videos

Genuinely I can’t tell you how grateful I am for videos and photographs. I know you have the memories but there’s just something great about being able to watch and properly re-live everything again. Seeing it exactly as it all happened.

I try not to be one of those people who constantly have a phone or camera in their hand but sometimes it’s hard not to be, you just want to share your experiences with everyone. Below there are two videos of my road trip with my 3 best friends.

I only just made the other day after it took me a whole year to discover I could use a go pro app to create the video through my own videos, periscopes and snapchats. Which I have since made quite a few videos, so below are two of mine. Some parts of the videos are the same but there are differences between them, the first of the videos was the first I made and it involved videos and pictures, then I decided I wanted one just full of videos.



Now this is my second video. Obviously there’s a lot of the same footage but it was after doing my first I realised I could do a lot more with my videos. So I made this one, which personally I think is so much better.




And I do love my videos, but it has nothing compared to my best friends. She spent a lot of time on this and it was definitely worth it. She’s a legend. She got herself a go pro before we went and certianly made great use of it. The beginning of January this year she surprised us with this video which for the past 6 months we have all completely cherished. It was so great and brought back so many memories of little things we had forgotten had happened.



This is hers:



Ah the memories of our beloved road trip!

I can’t wait to get going to Iceland this year and another mini road trip in America next year, and be able to actually get using my go pro.


Link me to any of your videos! I want to experience your trips through your eyes!



Yasmin x

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