Netflix – what’s on my list?

I have a problem where I add too much to my to watch list and there’s never enough hours in the day for me to watch it all. I do have a crazy amount of things on my list, probably at least 50.

In saying that, I thought I’d indulge you all and invite you to see what my top 10 next in line to watch on my list are.

  • Evil Genuis: I have heard so much about this and I’m seriously excited to start watching it. I do love a good docu-drama/true-crime. Incase you haven’t heard about this it’s about the true story of America’s most outeous bank heist.


  • The Crown: Okay, so I have actually seen an episode or so of this, although I wasn’t technically watching it (I was at someone else’s house and they had it on). It was after this though that I decided, “I actually really want to watch that” and hence it appeared on my list. It’s the life story of Queen Elizabeth II, running from the 40s until now pretty much.


  • The Defenders: Honestly, I’ve never been a big Marvel fan. I mean, yeah I’ve seen a few films here and there but I wouldn’t really go out of my way to watch any of them. I have heard good things about this though, hence why it’s on the list and waiting to be watched.


  • The Last Kingdom: I will be completely honest, I started watching this because of Toby Regbo (I kinda fancy him). Anyway, I watched Reign and completely fell in love with it and became a fan of Toby. I recently found out he was in this and thought, “I need to watch it!” I have watched 1 episode so far, about a month ago.. But I did enjoy it and it’s just waiting in my list for me to continue.


  • Black Mirror: So I remember someone I follow tweeting about this and decided to add it to my list. It’s a British Sci-Fi series basically looking at modern society and the new techonologies and how they have an effect. What I love as well is that it’s called Black Mirror as a reference to the fact that when a device is switched off it’s like a black mirror.


  • Narcos: I’ve heard some really good things about Narcos and I do love shows that surround crime. What’s better than a show that looks at real-life drug kingpins stories?


  • American Horror Story: I know, I know. I’m way behind the times with this. I kind of don’t like to go along with everyone else, I hate the pressure of having to watch things and I don’t know.. talk about them? So I tend to do things rather late. Game of Thrones for instance? I didn’t start until season 7 was starting, needless to say I quickly realised what I was missing and finished it all within less than 2 weeks!


  • Bates Motel: Another one I know I’m way behind the times with. But I’ve heard very good things and I will get myself to watch it one of these days.


  • Power: Obviously one of the main reasons I want to watch this is 50 Cent.. What a guy. But I have heard amazingly good things about it. So many people in my work keep telling me that I NEED to watch it.


  • Safe: I’ve heard this is an addictive series and honestly I get easily addicted. When I find something I like, I start watching it and I don’t stop until it’s finished. Not to mention it has Michael C. Hall starring in it and after Dexter I’m a huge fan of his.




So, how does this compare to your Netflix list? Do we have anything the same or do you have any suggestions of must watch series’ I’m missing out on? 

Leave me a comment and let me know!


Yasmin x

2 thoughts on “Netflix – what’s on my list?

  1. Hunida May 31, 2018 / 23:24

    I’ve seen a few episodes of Black Mirror, it was really good! I never knew the whole “black mirror” meaning though– super interesting!

    • YasminTravels May 31, 2018 / 23:24

      I’ll definitely need to give it a watch! Yeah, I thought so too. I think that’s what pulls me in to want to watch it even more too. I love the whole ulterior motive behind the name.

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