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When I think back to my trip to Brussels, the one thing that sticks out in my memories is the waffles. Oh my they’re amazing!

We did try to eat as many as we could but between the amazing waffles and the cones of chips we didn’t have as much room for as many waffles as we first thought we would. That doesn’t mean we can’t look back on our waffles and appreciate the deliciousness of them all.


Waffle number 1

Le funambule – plain waffle €1

For my first waffle I went plain and simple. There’s no point in starting with toppings and ending with a plain one because then obviously all you’re thinking of is the toppings that you’d want it smothered in.

I will be honest, it was pretty decent, didn’t have to wait in any queues and I did give the waffle itself a solid 7/10.


Waffle number 2

Mokafe – banana and chocolate €6 (I’ve forgotten exactly how much they were but I’m sure they were around this price)

I had read somewhere that Mokafe done some of the best waffles in Brussels. So do they? The answer for me, is no.

Sure, they look really good but the taste just isn’t there. The waffles themselves weren’t too great, I don’t know what exactly it was.. maybe they just weren’t as fresh as they could be? But yeah, I was disappointed with these waffles. The service wasn’t the best either, it wasn’t the worst place ever I just think that I’d gotten my hopes up about it being a good place and was left disappointed 6/10.


Waffle number 3

The Waffle House (I think) – Waffle cone with cream and nutella €5.50

Without a doubt this was the best waffle. The waffle itself was sticky but fluffy, and it was nice to have it as a cone although the only issue was that the little forks/spoons broke easily and it was very easy to get yourself covered in cream as you tried to dig down to reach the waffle.

There was a little queue, but I didn’t mind this as it gave me time to decide on what toppings I wanted and we were served within 5 minutes so it wasn’t unmanageable. This plus the amazing waffle made this a winning 8/10.




Obviously I need to go back to Brussels because there’s about another 500 waffle places that I need visit. But these are the first top 3 for now.


Have you been to Brussels? What about the Belgian waffles, have you tasted your way around Brussels? Leave me a comment and let me know about your experiences. Maybe you have a suggestion for somewhere I need to try next time?

Thanks for popping by!

Yasmin x

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