Why I love to travelĀ 

Pretty views from the plane

I don’t need to question why I love to travel at all, because I know. 

When I was younger, starting from the age of five my gran and granda took me on holiday with them. Every summer for 8 years we’d go to Spain (they still go), but that isn’t where my passion for travel started. Go back a year previous, so little old me at the age of four went with them up to the highlands and my Granda taught me to ski. For the next four or five years that’s where I spent my time skiing but when I was that little bit older, that’s when I began to see more of the world. Thanks to my wonderful grandparents, I started to ski across the world. 


My wonderful grandparents. Lachlan and Jeanette.
Going to countries within Europe such as; France, Italy, Andorra, Bulgaria etc. It was something else. My first views of them all was travelling via bus up the sides of mountains, getting higher and higher and seeing these completely scenic views.

Mountains covered in snow on one side yet you look at the other, down the side of the mountain and it’s a view of green. 


This is definitely where my love of travel began. 
It’s those memories that I love and it’s those memories that make me want to see more of the world. The people I met throughout the years and the places that I’ve seen so far have been incredible.

I have to thank my gran and granda, if it wasn’t for them taking me to so many beautiful countries as I grew up.. I don’t know if I’d have as much of a passion for travelling as I do. 

And well, that’s where my love for travel began. 
What about you? Where did your love to travel start from? Come share your story with me.

Yasmin x