The Bonnie Banks ‘o Loch Lomand

“By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes, where the sun shines bright on Loch Lomand.” – lyrics from The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomand. 

Throwback post to one of my favourite weekends of 2015.

Scotland, what a truly beautiful country. There’s nothing I love more than seeing as much of Scotland as I can, pair that with a laughter and booze filled weekend camping with friends and what more can I ask for? 

Pitching our tents off the shores of Loch Lomand at Inverbeg, where we had been up a few nights previous making a fire pit and leaving some wood to get our fire started we were looking forward to our weekend.


Squad Goals
With 14 of us, 5 tents, 1 fire pit, 1 guitar and enough drink to fill a swimming pool (I wish I was kidding but when 3 of you have loads of drink plus share 12 litres worth of venom; vodka, southern comfort, blue wkd and orange juice) we were definitely set for our weekend.

With head chef Clare on the case we had a belter of a BBQ for dinner and then the real drinking began. There’s something so peaceful about being by the Loch at night. The water was still, the sky was clear, the fire roaring away and the banter flowing which quickly led to the guitar being brought out and drunken sing-a-longs.

But true to form, typical Scotland gave us a weekend of not so great weather in the end; lots of wind, a little sunshine and plenty of rain.

With that many only lasted the first night and found themselves driving home late into our second day with just the best of us left (we were down to 5). 

This just meant more marshmallows over the fire for us, well it would have if the rain stayed off for more than 2 seconds. We ended up confined to our tent playing card and drinking games, much to our delight.
As much as the weekend ended up a fail, it was still a great weekend and even the weather couldn’t put a dampener on (the 5 of us that we’re lefts) spirits.

Scotland, no matter what you throw at me I love you, I love you, I love you.

Until our next camping trip..
Yasmin x