Travel Plans 2016/17

I don’t know about you but one of my favourite times is when I first start planning a trip somewhere. It’s all the excitement of where to go, when to go, what to do and see etc.

Like I’ve previously said, after coming back from my month in America I 100% have the post travel blues. So much so, that I was back not even 24 hours and was already planning next years big travels, but I’ll start off with the not so distant future first.


  • Dublin: Nothing is booked for Dublin as it was literally just brought into play a few hours ago. With one of my friends having time off work in the middle of August she mentioned she didn’t want to be off from work and not do anything so, Dublin. I’ve been twice before and I loved it, so why not go back? It will just be for about 2 days, but 2 days away from here and away from work is better than nothing at all.
  • London: The weekend after I plan on going to Dublin, I’m heading back down to London. I cannot wait, London is a favourite place of mine. I’m going to London for 4 days, why? Comedy of course. You may not have heard of him but I’m going down to see a comedian from Boston (so fitting after my last post) who is based in NY. I unfortunately didn’t get to see him when I was in NY as he had shows in Princeton. Anything for an excuse to go to London for me.
  • Kraków/Reykjavik: It will be one or the other, I’m still waiting to see if myself and my 5 best friends are going away for a weekend, but if not I might just have to head off to one of these places myself. It will be October/November time so it will be a good end to the year as my last trip of 2016.
  • London: Again? I hear you ask. Again. Like before I’m off to London for Comedic reasons, two weekends in a row I’m going down to see the Impractical Jokers. The excitement I have for these shows is something else. If you don’t know who the Impractical Jokers are I beg you to find out. They are 4 of the funniest guys ever, from Staten Island. Check them out.
  • Thailand: Camp Thailand to be precise, and possibly some travelling afterwards. I’ve applied for a new job and it all depends on the outcome of that as to whether I go for 3 weeks or 3 months (just a small jump in time). All I do know is, I plan on heading out at the end of August and am so ridiculously excited as Thailand is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a few years now.


Well that’s my travel plans so far! I cannot wait. Leave me a comment and tell me all about your future travel plans! I would love to hear about them, maybe our paths will be crossing at some point?


Memories of Dublin

What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s day than to tell you about my trips to Dublin over the past few years?

My first visit to Dublin was brought together by two of my favourite things: travel and music. Back in 2013 myself and 2 friends travelled from Glasgow to Dublin, on an extremely short flight. So short that my friend had just bought a bottle of water on the plane, opened it to take a sip, un buckled her belt and next minute the seat belt signs were back on and we were getting ready to land. I’ve never been on a plane ride like it.

Our hostel was Oliver St. John Gogartys. I would highly recommend staying here, it’s at Temple Bar and the staff are lovely and welcoming. We loved this place so much we stayed again our second time round in 2015. The only downside is we were awoken some mornings by the clanking of bottles and the likes from outside, but it didn’t bother us too much. All depends how much of a light sleeper you are.

Wandering through the streets of Dublin.
My second time in Dublin Robin Williams had just passed and someone had painted this in memory of him.

Dublin zoo was great. They have Lemurs, I couldn’t help but sing songs from the film Madagascar.

Dublin is absolutely one of my favourite places. Every time we have went we’ve made many friends, from random guys on the street to tens of people in the bars. There’s just something about us Scottish and making friends wherever we go, we’re a friendly bunch.

Just a few of the friends we’ve made.

Everywhere I go I pick up a shot glass, Dublin was no different and in fact it’s one of my absolute favourites. How cute.


Believe it or not, I was completely sober in that photo.

Dublin, every time I’m over you steal my heart a little more. A beautiful place filled with beautiful people. I can’t wait until my next visit, maybe I’ll get to explore and see a little more of you. As I feel I haven’t quite done justice in my visits so far.

Tell me about your experiences in Dublin or wherever else you’ve been? And HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY 🍀 go out and have a pint of Guinness and celebrate.


Dublin baby.

Dublin is one of those places that honestly, you have to visit. Whether it’s for a day, a weekend, a week, whatever.

I went recently again for 2 days with 5 of my best friends and it was amazing as always. We were there to celebrate one of us turning 21 and it was the best place to go. Cheap flights over from Glasgow, cost us £30 each for a return flight.

We stayed in Gogarty’s hostel, it was our second time there as it’s a decent place to go. It’s clean enough, the staff are friendly, it’s a reasonable price. There really isn’t anything I could fault with it, plus it’s right on temple bar. Great if you’re there for a drunken weekend, which we were.

We got to know a bit more of Dublin this time, walking around more streets and finding our way about more. Which made us decide to go visit Dublin zoo… Most exciting part for me! I’m like a big child, been looking forward to going to the zoo for ages so it was great for me.

I would without a doubt suggest to anyone to go there, but maybe research what to do before you go as we always forget to. Typical… If anyone knows of any great things to do in Dublin please let me know for future reference would be great to find something different to do next time I go!