A day in Perth

I recently posted about how my friends and I spontaneously decided to take a day trip to Perth in Central Scotland.

For just under £16 we bought our return tickets from Glasgow Queen Street train station to Perth train station. We didn’t know what to expect when we got to Perth, none of us knew what there was to do or see so it was time to do a bit of discovering and roaming about to see what we could find.
We did end up deciding to visit the tourist centre (when we eventually found it) just to see if they could give us any good ideas of what to do. We had passed the Perth Museum and Art Gallery on our way there so decided to head back there first.


We had so much fun inside the Museum and Art Gallery. It’s a lot smaller than I would have thought (I think it’s more because I’m used to Kelvingrovw Art Gallery in Glasgow), but it was great. We had so much fun inside between face swapping with statues and paintings thanks snapchat to dressing up in the Iron Age section and colouring in at the children’s section. We were like little kids again and it was great, there’s nothing better than discovering your inner child.

Wandering through Perth Museum and Art Gallery

We were then suggested to take a walk across the River Tay (the Tay is the longest river in Scotland) as there is a path with many statues that leads alongside the River Tay, through some lovely gardens towards the railway bridge which we then walked across before heading to The Fergusson Gallery.

The Fergusson Gallery is dedicated to the Scottish artist and sculptor John Duncan (J.D) Fergusson.

I’m someone who is completely engrossed with art. For as long as I can remember, going right back to primary school I wanted to be an artist before deciding in secondary school that it probably wasn’t something I’d make much from and then realising I wanted to be an architect before completely fucking my life up but that’s another story. Needless to say although the gallery was extremely small and wasn’t filled with a lot of material it was lovely to visit and see the work of someone that is considered such a great Scottish artist.

That pretty much consisted of our tourist duties of Perth. We definitely had a lot of fun on our spontaneous day trip to Perth.

Have you been to Perth before, if so what did you get up to? Feel free to comment and link me to your posts.