Road trip : Family First.

June 5th:

Our time in NYC was over, so with Ellé driving and myself in the passenger seat making sure to listen to our sat nav properly we were well and truly on our way, saying goodbye to NYC. But where were they headed first I hear you ask? We actually were planning on spending the afternoon near Brodheadsville, PA. Why there? Well Clare has some family that live there! Her cousin (Rita) and her family, so off we were to visit them. And all was going well, until we got to a bridge, that was closed. We had no idea where to go now, after a few phone calls to her family we managed to agree on us finding a place that her cousins husband would pick us up. We eventually found where we wanted to be but didn’t know what this guy looked like.. After all, Clare had never met them.

Next minute this guy is pointing at us, it was him! And oh my god, we all loved him! His name is Dennis and he was just something else. He gave us all hugs and started chatting away to us before we decided we better get on our way to their house. We followed him in the car and about 10 minutes later pulled up at this lovely house. We were stood outside talking when the front door opens and Dennis and Rita’s son opens the door, pulling us all inside and introducing himself as Thomas. We met Rita and the rest of her family, her youngest son (forgot his name) and her eldest George and his wife and kids.

They gave us all the warmest welcome ever. Shuffling us into the house, offering us drinks, chips and dip (that Rita had made herself, it was dyno). We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting mainly to Thomas about everything as he was a year or 2 younger than us. He would tell us about things in America and we told him about Scotland; constantly comparing the differences between the two. Which was highly interesting. It was amazing seeing just how different our lives actually are, and to know so much that we see in films that are featured in America is actually true and real. Crazy.

They set our a big spread of food for us, which we happily ate while chatting merrily. Before we knew it it was almost 16:00 and time for us unfortunately to get back on the road. We got a tour of the house, some group pictures and then said our goodbyes. Which I can’t tell you how sad it was to do, we loved them loads and didn’t want to leave, but we unfortunately had to.

They were the most welcoming family ever! It was amazing seeing my best friend meet some of her family for the first time and incredible how welcoming they were to her 3 friends tagging along. 

I think the 4 of us would love to see them all again. We had an incredible time.

I love Scotland.


Like my title says “I love Scotland.” And trust me I really do!

After a 15 minute drive from my house in Glasgow and an hours hike up a hill I’m met with a beauty of a view like this. A foggy Scottish morning led to me watching the fog rolling over the top of the hills and disappearing while the sun struggled to try and break its way through.

Why would I want to live anywhere else with views like this only a short drive away from me?

Most people don’t realise how beautiful their own counties are at times but trust me I do. I’ve grown up visiting the Scottish Highlands, wether it be:

  • Heading up to Glen Coe or Glen She or the Cairngorms (to name a few) to get my skis on and hit the fresh white snow covering the slopes.
  • Canoeing along the shores of Loch Lomond trying my hardest not to capsize and end up in the freezing water below me but always finding myself in it anyway.
  • Going for a walk (well after you see these hills it’s certainly more like a hike) up some hills like the Kilpatrick Hills and having a picnic beside Loch Humphrey.
  • Camping with friends beside the loch, creating our own fire pit on the beach and having a drink while taking in the breathtaking views around us (not helped by the more than occasional downfall of rain we get but making the most of it anyway.)

I well and truly appreciate being Scottish and having the chance to see some of the beautiful places I have seen. 

I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with a Granda that took me to these places and taught me how to do many things, like he taught himself. My Granda used to go out hunting, he still does go fishing and hiking and camping. My Granda went up a mountain and taught himself to ski, he then taught my gran, his brother and his wife, my uncle, my dad and myself. Something of which I am so grateful for, barely know anyone that knows how to ski and it’s something I do and always have loved. Realistically I probably wouldn’t have had the chance to learn half the stuff I have if not for me being Scottish. So like I said..
I love Scotland.

New York for New Year is a MUST!

So it’s now 2014 and don’t I know it because I spent my new year somewhere I’ve always dreamt of going to and that’s New York City. ImageI brought the bells in on Times Square with my mum and it was incredibly. The atmosphere was just wow.. If there’s one thing you have to do in your life it’s spend new year in New York, trust me you won’t regret it. 

I went on a mad shopping spree, seen loads of sights, ate loads of food and probably one of the best parts was getting to see the Lion King on broadway in New York. Topped off the whole thing.


New York, you really have stolen my heart, just like I knew you would. I’ll be back, maybe not one day soon, but I’ll definitely be back one day.

New York, New York!

Less than four days from now and I’ll be in New York! Case is packed and I’m ready to go and hit the city! Honestly can’t contain my excitement. I can already tell it’ll be an amazing five days over there.

We’ve got our 9/11 memorial stuff booked and of course our lion king tickets. I just can’t wait to go to this amazing city over new year and shop till I drop.