It’s all part of the adventure


When your trip starts off in the worst possible way, all you can say is “it’s all part of the adventure.”

For us our trip has started off in the worst possible ways. Firstly we were delayed leaving Glasgow by 2 hours because of the weather in Amsterdam. Finally we were allowed to take off and after circling the skies of Amsterdam we landed. Only to be told our connecting flight to Boston was leaving in 10 minutes time and we probably won’t make it.

We ran.

We ran for our lives across the airport and made it onto our plane literally 2 minutes before we took off.

Now you’re thinking well that’s not too bad, and no of course it isn’t. Until we arrived in Boston. We got off our flight, through customs toward the baggage carousel and what wasn’t there? Our luggage.
Usually I really wouldn’t care but we’re only here in Boston until Wednesday so knowing we don’t have our luggage with absolutely everything is not ideal. Apparently through it will be getting sent to our motel today (fingers crossed).

We had to spend our first night in Boston shopping for clothes and toiletries etc (in all fairness I was smart and did put extra clothes in my hand luggage but it’s roasting here so I don’t want to wear jeans).

So day one of our trip hasn’t gone exactly to plan.. but as I keep saying “it’s all part of the adventure.


We’re on our way


We’re on our way!

Well our journey starts here. We’re at the airport currently waiting to board our first flight. First stop: Amsterdam.

It really doesn’t feel real at all. But soon we’ll be in Boston starting our trip!


Well I say soon.. We’re currently delayed but hopefully we’ll be on our way soon.

See yous in a few Glasgow 👋

Impractical road trip

It’s only April and I’m already super excited for January 2017.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post two of my loves are travel and music. And this may not be travel related but like pretty much every single human being on this planet I love comedy and so travelling for comedy is just like travelling for music.


Myself and two of my work colleagues are planning a little road trip down to London. And not just for the sake of it, oh no. We’re heading down as we’re going to see The Tenderloins (stars of impractical jokers). Honestly if you don’t know who these guys are or haven’t seen the IJ show, then do it. Right now, leave this post and go watch it because it is brilliant. These 4 guys are hilarious.
Next year I will be seeing them in Glasgow and also travelling down to London twice to see them. I just can’t say no to seeing these guys though.

I am probably more obsessed than I should be, but they’re absolutely hilarious.

Please check them out and if you like them head along to ticketmaster search the impractical jokers and you too could see them on January 7th 2017 at the O2 in London. Their fan club presale is on sale from now, check out their Facebook page for the link password is SANTIAGO. Or head to ticketmaster on Saturday for the general sale tickets.

I promise you, you will not regret looking these guys up. So do it.
Maybe you’re already a fan? Leave me a comment. Seeing them next year? Seen them before? Let me know.


Travel starts at home


When you think of travel, what comes to mind? Jetting off on a plane to some far away land is how most people would answer this, but not me.

Travel, to me, starts in your own town/city/country. There’s so much around about you to do and see, most of which you’ll probably have heard of or maybe been to once before and never had a second thought about going to again. There’s also so much you’ll never have discovered before, and all on your own doorstep. I don’t know about you but I can’t always afford to jump on a plane, train or anything else to somewhere at every opportunity. Sometimes you just need to take a break and discover where you’re from.


Get out there.
Take a walk, maybe it’s somewhere you’ve walked a thousand times before so switch it up. Take a right down one Street you’ve never been down before instead of taking the left to your usual destination.
Every place no matter how small has something for you to explore or discover, whether it be a church, a museum, a book shop. Explore these places.
Find a book on where you’re from or Google it. I always search through tags on here, mostly just the travel one, and I 100% always read ones associated with Scotland. What I’ve noticed is that other people discover things I never knew were there. I read posts on Glasgow and it amazes me at the things I didn’t know were right around the corner from me.


Maybe you want to venture out slightly further a field? Get a bus or train to the next town or city and start exploring there.

Over the next few weeks I have a lot of spare time as I’m on holiday from work so I’m definitely making it my mission to see more of Glasgow. I may venture out further, leaving Glasgow and seeing somewhere else but that won’t be my main priority.

Have you discovered things in your own place you didn’t know were there? Maybe you’re from or have visited Glasgow and have ideas of where I should go? Leave me a comment and let me know.


Cycle Scotland


Scotland flag in front of beautiful Scottish scenery.

Today my morning and afternoon were spent with one of my best friends travelling along the Forth and Clyde Canal, Scotland. This is a canal that was opened in 1790 and runs 35 miles from the River Carron, Grangemouth to the River Clyde, Bowling.

My friend and I obviously only cycled a small part of this (something I used to do a lot when I was younger and honestly I forgot just how lovely a route it is). We cycled from our houses in Glasgow along the canal towards Bowling Basin Sea Lock. What an effort it was! For two 22 year olds that haven’t cycled since we were both very young, probably about 10 years, I think we were slightly too ambitious. A 50 minute cycle from our house seems like nothing, but add the same back when your bum is killing you and your thighs have been burning since the first 2 minutes on the bike; I definitely think we should have been a little less ambitious.

This is exactly what I love about Glasgow, within a half an hour cycle you’re out of the hustle and bustle of the city; surrounded by water and hills (which today looked beautiful with a slight layer of white covering mostly all of them). Scotland is such a beautiful, picturesque country.





It’s always so lovely getting out of the city and up towards the part of Scotland I love most. We didn’t have the best of days for it, it was dry – at first, but that’s about it. It was cold and grey to start with and after we got to Bowling Basin Sea Lock, had our little packed lunches (we’re so cute) and started to head home it wasn’t long until the rain started. With just little outbursts of spitting rain it was tollerable, but it certainly did make it colder and the wind definitely did not help (I was basically crying the whole way because of the wind). 


Rain or shine, it is a route I would suggest if you are keen to get on a bike and see somewhere just outside the outskirts of city life, this is for you.


Yasmin x

London, you’ve stolen my heart.. Again.

There’s just something about London that makes me fall in love with the city every time I go down, this weekend just gone wasn’t any different. I headed down on a sleeper bus on Saturday night to arrive the Sunday morning, which I did. Bright and early, I was in London on Sunday.. 6:45am to be precise to make it even better I couldn’t check into my hotel until 3pm and I forgot England has the Sunday trading law so shops don’t open until 12, definitely not what I needed.

Let’s just say, I went to Buckingham palace twice that day, just to waste some time. Also spent an hour in Primark on Oxford Street not even able to buy anything because from 11am you can only browse until 12. This was definitely the only downside. If I’m honest though, I love just wandering about London, I do it pretty much every time I go down. 

The whole reason I was down though, the main reason I always go to London, for a gig of course. I went to see The Midnight Beast in Dingwalls, Camden. First time in Camden and what a nightmare it was trying to find the venue, I headed in the wrong direction at first then luckily realised this, headed in the right direction then walked past the venue in the wrong direction again. It was definitely not my night! I did finally find it though and I had a good night, spent it beside the bar for a change, as usually I’m front row at gigs. It was a different atmosphere obviously but it was good, I really enjoyed it.

Unfortunately my London adventures didn’t go any further, I went back to the hotel that night and got the coach home the next day. If I’m honest though, I don’t care how long I’m down there for, I just love going down at all. Whether it be for an hour, a day or a week. I love every minute.

Currently contemplating going down this Saturday for the day as I’m now off work.. Oh temptation.

London bound.

I’m heading to London again! I can’t wait because London is honestly my favourite place to go. People think I’m mad, but I love going on a usually 9 hour coach down and back, even if I’m only going for the day which I’ll be doing when I go down next month. December 1st I go back down.

I’m even more excited because I’m going down to see The Midnight Beast, haven’t seen them in ages and I can’t wait. I love their gigs and the friends I’ve made through them as usually the gigs are the only chance I get to see some.

I probably won’t do any sightseeing or anything because I’ve been down a few times now and have seen most of the touristy stuff I want to see, plus I probably won’t have time either bur oh well, there’s always next time to do more!