Is it March yet?

Just earlier today I happened to post about my travel goals and how I was planning this year to visit Barcelona or Paris as they’re basically within a stones throw of the UK.

Well.. Now I’ve got plans in process and it’s happening soon. 
It’s my 23rd (feel like I’m getting so old) in March and I had 3 weeks worth of holidays to take in work, which I’ve taken in March. This means my whole month is basically free and I thought if I don’t do at least a little travelling then, when will I? 

So I got thinking, where can I be going that will be a cheap trip (with America to save for I really probably can’t afford this, so needs to be as cheap as possible). I decided on Paris.

Wheels of planning are in process now. I’m going to go to Paris, probably just for the day or two and then London on my way home. I’m so excited, the last time I went to Paris was 7 years ago 2009 and it was a school trip so I’ve always felt I’ve never really experienced Paris to its fullest. I’m definitely going to make a change to that!!

Please help me out guys, if you had to visit Paris for the day what are all your must do activities, must see places, must eat/drink at?

Although I want the tourist aspect of it I want to see all the little nooks and crannys of Paris that most people probably don’t see.
Leave me a comment if you have any tips/advice! 

Yasmin x

Berlin: Banter and Fines…

What a time I had in the fine city of Berlin.

It really is an extremely beautiful and cultural city and I am so glad I went and experienced it with some friends. Everything started off quite well for us, we went on a lovely walking tour of Berlin and learned a little more about the city and it’s history. Seeing things like the Reichstag, the Berlin Wall and finding out where Hitlers bunker was which of course caused some controversy amongst the group of tourists we were with. Some believing there should be some sort of museum almost, displaying the bunker/how it would have looked, things that would have been in it etc. while others, such as myself believed everything was the way it should be. The bunker having been filled and now the only sign of it is someone telling you this is where it was as now it’s a car park beside some buildings. This isn’t exactly a part of their history that should be celebrated, and to me that’s what museums are for, celebrating and admiring things. They definitely don’t shy away from that part of their history which is great to see, it’s something that will never be forgotten after all.

There actually was a particular reason we were over in Berlin, which I have to say is definitely nowhere near as cultural as it could have been. We actually went over to see Noel Gallagher and boy was he amazing. I do have to admit, we were slightly disappointed with the German crowd but that’s possibly just because we’re used to the wildness of our Scottish home crowds. Met many lovely Germans and actually loads of fellow Scots too.

Being completely honest though, we were pretty bad tourists. We all got fines, this bloody underground over there. No-one explained anything to us and obviously back home you can buy tickets on the train.. You’d have thought the hostel could tell you simple things like, ‘You MUST buy a ticket before you get on the train, as if you don’t you are apparently cheating the system’ it also doesn’t help that the fine is in German.. Some of us aren’t fluent in your language so an English translation would be great, Thanks. Apart from that, we had a great time. It’s a beautiful city and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Until next time Germany..

Berlin Bound 🌍

3 weeks time and I’ll be in this beautiful country for 5 days. Spending some of my 22nd birthday there.
I’m looking forward to it so much, going with 2 other girls as we’re going to see Noel Gallagher’s High Flying birds.

Obviously planning on visiting some beer gardens and such, but where are some of the must go places? Places that maybe aren’t obvious tourist places.

Also, how much do you reckon would be needed for 5 days here?!

Advice would be much appreciated guys!