I love Scotland.


Like my title says “I love Scotland.” And trust me I really do!

After a 15 minute drive from my house in Glasgow and an hours hike up a hill I’m met with a beauty of a view like this. A foggy Scottish morning led to me watching the fog rolling over the top of the hills and disappearing while the sun struggled to try and break its way through.

Why would I want to live anywhere else with views like this only a short drive away from me?

Most people don’t realise how beautiful their own counties are at times but trust me I do. I’ve grown up visiting the Scottish Highlands, wether it be:

  • Heading up to Glen Coe or Glen She or the Cairngorms (to name a few) to get my skis on and hit the fresh white snow covering the slopes.
  • Canoeing along the shores of Loch Lomond trying my hardest not to capsize and end up in the freezing water below me but always finding myself in it anyway.
  • Going for a walk (well after you see these hills it’s certainly more like a hike) up some hills like the Kilpatrick Hills and having a picnic beside Loch Humphrey.
  • Camping with friends beside the loch, creating our own fire pit on the beach and having a drink while taking in the breathtaking views around us (not helped by the more than occasional downfall of rain we get but making the most of it anyway.)

I well and truly appreciate being Scottish and having the chance to see some of the beautiful places I have seen. 

I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with a Granda that took me to these places and taught me how to do many things, like he taught himself. My Granda used to go out hunting, he still does go fishing and hiking and camping. My Granda went up a mountain and taught himself to ski, he then taught my gran, his brother and his wife, my uncle, my dad and myself. Something of which I am so grateful for, barely know anyone that knows how to ski and it’s something I do and always have loved. Realistically I probably wouldn’t have had the chance to learn half the stuff I have if not for me being Scottish. So like I said..
I love Scotland.