When is it you go?

When I started telling people about my road trip plans they all seemed so excited and it’s amazing to see that a year later they still seem to be as excited for me as they were all those months ago.

With it fast approaching I’m getting more nervous and excited by the day. As of April 1st my answer to the following question has changed. “When is it you go?” My answer used to be how many days it was until we go (currently 57), but I now reply with “next month”. It may be the end of next month but it’s still so exciting.


It’s an incredible feeling knowing our trip that has been in the planning for 2 years is finally starting to come around and is now only a few weeks away.

Last minute nerves are definitely kicking in.

Will i have enough money? Will I pack enough? What if I pack too much? What if something goes wrong? What do we do if we really struggle to drive? Etc etc.

Honestly though, I’m trying not to think about anything at the moment though. I’m concentrating on getting through my days in work and trying to just be excited about this amazing trip my friends and I will be venturing on very soon!!

Are you going a trip soon? Maybe you’ve been one already? Leave me a comment and link me to any posts you’ve written about them. I would love to read them.