Today’s the day..

This post has absolutely nothing to do with travelling but I just have to do it..

Today’s the day that Scotland is going to vote for or against it’s own independence. It’s undoubtably one of the most important days ever but if I’m being honest I’m glad it’s here and nearly gone.
The past few weeks have just been full of arguments between people about their yes/no vote. People being called uneducated just because they’re voting something different from someone else. Everyone is voting on what they believe is best for Scotland and that’s what matters most. All I hope is that people take this opportunity and do vote, many people aren’t because they ‘can’t be arsed’ and that’s such a horrible attitude to have. This vote is going to affect us big time, it actually makes me so angry that people aren’t voting not because they are unsure what to, but just because they can’t be bothered. I think people forget we’re lucky enough to live in a democracy and actually have the privilege to vote, don’t waste it.

Vote! Yes or No, whichever YOU feel will benefit Scotland.