Packing and Panicing.

April is almost over, next comes May; and for me this means my road trip to America with 3 of my best friends is just around the corner.


It’s only 31 days until we head off on what will (I’m pretty sure) be one of the most incredible months of my life. This upcoming month leading up to us heading off is mainly consisted of me (like the title says) packing and panicing.

It’s at the stage where it really is just around the corner, and we’re all wondering what exactly do we pack? Are we taking too much? Too little? Am I forgetting something? Not to mention my constant panic and worry about money. It’s something I’m not going to get into too much but let’s just say with it one month until I go I’m only just now starting to panic slightly less, although I’m not completely over the panic just yet.


How much is too much when it comes to packing?

One month in America, we’re taking suitcases because we’re driving and they will be in the car most of the time. I feel like we need all different types of clothes, we’re going from city to beach with everything in between. Honestly, I haven’t started packing yet. My suitcase is in another house and I really need to get it so I can actually see what I have room for and what I can take. I feel like I’m either going to take too much or too little, I’m hopeless when it comes to packing.



Apart from packing and panicing, we have pretty much everything ready. Motels, car, flights and a few other little things are booked. Dollars are being purchased (I have about half of what I want to take). Next on our list is we’re going to be making an Instagram account that we’ll all be uploading to as we roadtrip across America. When we’ve made it I’ll be posting a link so feel free to give us a follow as for a change you won’t just see things from me. You’ll get to see through the eyes of my friends also.


I really can’t wait to get going on this trip already. I can’t wait to get loads of amazing things to post about and experiences to share with you all.



I’ll hopefully have a post or two before I go to America and when I’m there I’m hoping to post as much as I can also. Leave me a comment as always, link me to any of your posts about trips you’ve been on or are currently planning. I love reading about everyone’s travelling adventures.