Is it March yet?

Just earlier today I happened to post about my travel goals and how I was planning this year to visit Barcelona or Paris as they’re basically within a stones throw of the UK.

Well.. Now I’ve got plans in process and it’s happening soon. 
It’s my 23rd (feel like I’m getting so old) in March and I had 3 weeks worth of holidays to take in work, which I’ve taken in March. This means my whole month is basically free and I thought if I don’t do at least a little travelling then, when will I? 

So I got thinking, where can I be going that will be a cheap trip (with America to save for I really probably can’t afford this, so needs to be as cheap as possible). I decided on Paris.

Wheels of planning are in process now. I’m going to go to Paris, probably just for the day or two and then London on my way home. I’m so excited, the last time I went to Paris was 7 years ago 2009 and it was a school trip so I’ve always felt I’ve never really experienced Paris to its fullest. I’m definitely going to make a change to that!!

Please help me out guys, if you had to visit Paris for the day what are all your must do activities, must see places, must eat/drink at?

Although I want the tourist aspect of it I want to see all the little nooks and crannys of Paris that most people probably don’t see.
Leave me a comment if you have any tips/advice! 

Yasmin x

Roadtrip Countdown

Day by day I find myself getting more excited at the prospect of travelling America, with 3 of my best friends might I add.


All this started off about 2 years ago when my friend asked if we wanted to roadtrip America with her, back then it seemed like just some thought up dream that would never come true, with me being the only one to take her up on her offer. Although her thinking I was just humouring her until January this year when I sent her a text casually asking if this was still going ahead. 2 months later, one of my other friends who had originally been completely against the idea decided she was coming and 2 weeks after that my other friends mum got in contact with us all asking for realistic costs.. Within hours she had agreed to give my friend this trip as a graduation present, although she couldn’t keep it a secret and within 2 weeks she also knew.


Well, that’s when the fun and games really began. 


Fast forward 9 months later, and well this is where we are now.

  • Flights are booked.
  • Motels are booked.
  • Broadway tickets are booked.

Next month we get to book our car and more of our excursions. It’s finally starting to kick in.. This is happening. We’re going to America. I’m spending one whole month travelling across America with my 3 best friends. What more could I really want?


If I’m being honest though, I’m ridiculously scared about the whole thing. Why? I hear you ask, well here we are less than 6 months until we go and I have not one penny saved. Oh god I’m so nervous.


It’ll all be fine though, because hey.. I’m going to America for a month. That’s all I really care about.

I’ll make sure to keep you all updated on future plans, and I’ll definitely make sure I make time on my trip for a blog post or two!