Monthly road trip meetings

For the past 2 years we’ve had this American road trip in the pipe line, since it became the four of us going we’ve had monthly road trips just to discuss everything and start to plan our trip out properly.

Planning our trip
Firstly we had to decide on when we were going, and we realised the best time to suit everyone was from mid May onwards. Our trip originally started as a two and a half week trip and we were visiting Boston, New York, Washington D.C, Chicago, Nashville, Miami, New Orleans, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.. We quickly realised this was pretty unrealistic for what we were wanting to achieve on this trip. We changed our route and slowly started adding days on. We got to 29 days and I was the one who piped up saying, “you know, I’m really not a fan of odd numbers.. I think we should just make it 30” we then ended up adding another on for my friend as she wanted an extra day in San Francisco. So really I lost out with that odd number appearing again with 31 days but we couldn’t add any more as my friend has a dog and couldn’t keep asking people to watch her.


Our monthly road trip meetings soon started to draw out a route for our trip and then it was time to decide on what we wanted to do in each place.


If I’m completely honest we’ve probably known exactly what we were wanting to be doing for a long time now and we just have our monthly meetings still to say, “Wow! America is getting so close now.” Although we do have a few things still to do and they’ll be completed at a road trip meeting later this month; we have to book our car and start booking a few excursions.


Our past few road trip meetings have resulted in us making up brief daily itineraries so we can get a rough idea of what we are able to do in each place and just how to spend our time. 

We have so much we all want to do it would be a struggle to decide when we’re over there what we do have time for without a little bit of forward planning. We’ve been on one trip where we had no planning involved beforehand, no planning at all. And it was a nightmare! We’re definitely the planning type, don’t get me wrong it’s not as if we won’t be spontaneous and just go with the flow and do whatever we feel like at the time, but sometimes it’s just nice to have a plan in place of what we are going to do.


We’ll be booking our car that we’ll be driving across America in, did someone say exciting??! Until our next road trip meeting..



Leave me a comment on how you plan your trips.

Yasmin x