Saving for travel

Whether you’re wanting the spontaneity of being able to jump on the next plane to anywhere or whether you’re organising a RTW trip, you need money to get you started on your journey.


I find myself asking, what is saving? How do you do it? 

Because for me, I couldn’t save money to save myself. No word of a lie. I struggle so much to save any money and I don’t understand how most of the time. My money just seems to disappear right before my eyes, yet I have nothing to show for it.


How does she save to travel? I hear you ask. 
Well, firstly I am part of a menauge (when a group of people give someone so much money a week/month etc and once a year; or however long it is going on for you receive that money back in a bulk). I have taken two turns in our menauge, so I get two payments a year, this is £20 per week per turn. So I give £40 a week or £160 a month. With £1000 per turn I manage to save £2000 per year. Although if I’m being honest I don’t see this as me saving money regularly, I see it more like paying a bill each month. I think it’s maybe because I can’t access the money at all until my given slot to receive it back. Which for me is a great thing!

Not everyone has the possibility of being able to do this so why not give the money to someone you trust? That’s what my friend does. She gives so much per week when she gets paid to our other friend who keeps it for her, this way is good as it means you can access your money but you just have to ask for it first.

I have tried many other ways of saving money, things like a terramundi pot. However beautiful they may be, getting my first one when I was a young teen taught me how to get the money out without smashing the pot (the life of a Glaswegian teenager who just wants to get drunk with her friends at the weekend). So these unfortunately do not work for me.

The thing that really annoys me? I wish I could see where all my money goes!! I try and keep note and calculate every penny I spend but I just end up forgetting. 

I’ve told myself this year will be different, I opened an Internet savings account last year which currently has about £1.27 in it.. I’m going to use it and not dig into it at anytime. I need to control my money more.

If I want to travel and see more of the world I need to get my act together and learn to do all these things I seemingly can’t.

Do you have any good saving advice to share with us? Comment and let us all know.

Yasmin x