Counting down: 2

Shit is getting real.

Sorry for the language but, after almost 2 years.. it’s 2 days away. Each day I’m still in disbelief that it’s almost here. I’m almost on what is undoubtedly going to be one of the best trips of my life, with my best friends.

So today it’s 2 and I’m switching it up slightly.


2. Beginning of the trip – obviously the whole trip is going to be one of the most exciting, surreal experiences ever. I don’t think it’s going to actually kick in until, until we pick up our car. Even landing in Boston I don’t think it’ll feel real, but come day 3 when we go and pick our car up and head to Salem before we hit New York. That is when it’s going to be like, “we are actually here doing this.” I mean I might be wrong but, we’ll soon see.

1. End of the trip – I think there’s going to be so many emotions towards the end of our trip. We’ll be sad that it’s coming to an end. Possibly happy to be going home to see friends, family and pets. Overall I think we’ll be so incredibly happy not just that we’ve experienced road trippin’ across America, but that we’ve experienced it with each other.

It’s almost time for my trip! Follow our instagram here and you’ll see our journey across America.


Road trip via Instagam

As most of you will already know, I’m off on a road trip across America with 3 of my best friends in just a few weeks time. (If you don’t know about it basically the 4 of us are heading off to America at the end of May for a month. We’re driving from Boston to San Francisco and we’re all incredibly excited!).

4 travelling Scots take on America. The east coast, the west coast and everything in between.

This post is basically me just letting you all know that if you want to follow our journey, not just through my eyes but through my friends as well then feel free to follow our group instagram here.

If you don’t want to follow along, that’s all fine and dandy but I will have you know you’re going to miss some epic car videos of us pretending we’re various celebrities in music videos, loads of Scottish banter, plus many tourist pictures and some not so tourist pics.. Plus a lot more of course.

Don’t worry though if you decide not to give us a little follow, I will be trying my best to update here with new posts about how our trip is getting on as regularly as I can. Which should be easily enough done as a) I’m a complete night owl and b) when I’m in the car and not driving I won’t have much else to do.

If you’re going to decide to follow us on our instagram (@roadtrippin16x), I guess I better make a quick introduction for the other 3 girls!


From left to right we have; Clare, Shona, myself and Ellé.

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