It’s just after 2am on one of the most important days ever for Scotland. It’s so completely nerve wracking watching the television and waiting to see what the overall vote is towards independence.
So far we’ve had Clackmannanshire and Orkney Islands votes and they’ve both been No votes.. BUT, what people don’t seem to realise at this moment in time is that these two votes so far make up less than 2% of the overall vote.

People need to stop their hatred towards no voters, they’re not ‘shitebags’ or ‘scum’ or whatever else you want to call them. They’re voting for what they personally think will be best for this country, just like you! Everyone has their own opinions and let’s be honest, how can anyone say we will be better if we go independent? There’s no guarantee we will.

No matter what you voted yesterday and what the outcome is today, this is a day that will never be forgotten. I know I’m not the only one who actually feels sick at the thought of what is going to happen. I feel this is splitting the country more than uniting us. No voters aren’t wanting to speak out and say, ‘I voted no’ because apparently that’s you going against your country or you’re uneducated or whatever else. It’s ridiculous.

We, as scots need to stand united and accept whatever fate is coming to us. Together, as one country. Your vote is your vote and no-one can tell you you’ve voted wrong.

Whatever happens I know I’ve voted the way I’ve always wanted to and no matter the outcome I’m proud of my vote.