Girls weekend in Amsterdam – Day 1

Views as the sun rises on the way to Amsterdam – mooi!

6 best friends + a weekend in Amsterdam = Most chilled out weekend ever.  
Considering we were only there for a short amount of time (Friday to Sunday) I wasn’t really expecting to do that much if I’m honest. But the days seemed super long and we seemed to cram loads into them!

Day 1 (Friday): We had a 6am flight from Glasgow so we arrived in Amsterdam about half past 8. We headed straight to the train and towards where we were staying Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg. As our room wasn’t ready we left our bags and headed straight back out to explore some of this beautiful city. Dam, being our first stop. Food was on the agenda which was quickly followed by dropping into our first Coffee Shop, we decided to take it away and took in some sights while having a puff or a brownie.

Having decided all the things we planned to do over the weekend our first tourist spot was to the Heineken Experience. We got our tickets there for €18 each, which I would say was definitely worth it. You learn about the history, how the beer is made etc not to mention a few glasses of beer to enjoy! You get one small glass about half way through and about 3 questions are asked which whoever the first are to answer correct get another glass of beer (I answered correct).


Toasting to ourselves

There’s things to do along the way too, game type things, it was definitely enjoyable and at the end a few of us poured our own glass of beer to enjoy, which we got a certificate for. It was a great experience and I would definitly suggest for people to go experience it! 

We headed back to our hostel to get sorted into our room and have a much needed power nap. 

We got ready and headed back out again, we grabbed a quick slice of pizza on our way to the Sex Museum I don’t know what we were expecting but it was an experience to say the least!  

Giant penis’ in the sex museum, this was pretty tame compared to some of the sights we seen!

We got on a tram towards Rembrantplien, and found ourselves in another Coffee Shop. Unfortunately for us it was absolute mobbed and after purchasing our brownies, muffins and pre-rolled joints we went outside and found a pub not too far away where we could sit outside and enjoy ourselves.  

Brownies, Corona and Weed.. What more can you ask for?

Needless to say it was the most chilled out, relaxing vibe ever and I don’t think that was all just to do with the weed! Amsterdam itself just has this laid back vibe and considering prostitution and certain drugs are legal you would think the atmosphere to be completely different. I can completely see why this is one of the safest cities in the world.
Amsterdam is a must! Day 2 coming in my next post!

Bedankt en tot ziens.