Road Trip Blues.

Today marks one year since my best friends and I got on a plane headed to Boston with the thoughts of our American Road Trip plans ahead of us. The thought of being in America for a full month was such an exciting prospect.


I knew long before we went, when the planning for our trip had only just begun that this would be one of the best experiences of my entire life and trust me when I say I was right. Now, here I am looking back over the past year and remeniscing to that month spent driving from Boston to San Francisco. When I think of the incredible memories and experiences that trip gave me, I genuinely feel so lucky. From the little things like doing it with my best friends, the workers in Taco Bell in Ennis Texas wanting a picture

wp-image-1538364028jpg.jpgwith us because they’d never met any Scottish people before, visiting Alcatraz and Cadillac Ranch as well as all the absolutely incredible people we met along the way making our experience what it was, to name but a few things.

In saying that not everything can be perfect and we definitely had a few hiccups along the way (delayed flight, almost missing other flights, lost luggage and having someone crash into us an hour after picking up our car) but hey, they’re all the things that make the trip as memorable as it was.

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Now here I am, one year on.

How’s things looking now, you ask? Well, we’re all basically crying in our group chat because we miss it so much but some of us are planning on going back to the states – Nashville to New Orleans this time (my favourite places). Our 2018 plans have started, the wheels are in motion and now all we need to do is get ready to start booking. It’s an exciting prospect just even thinking about going back to the states, and it’s definifely something that makes looking back on last year more bearable.

Until then!

Yasmin x

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